The busy tourist season in Antibes is the summer.  Travelers come from as far away as across the world and as nearby as Nice (approximately twenty minutes away from Antibes) to enjoy the local beaches and other tourist offerings of the area.  For this reason, rates on hotels and accommodations often go up during the summer in accordance with supply and demand.  Attractions often have long lines and travelers who don’t enjoy crowds may find this time of year unpleasant.

However, the beaches and the outdoor restaurants, along with the nice weather often counter the drawbacks, making summer still the best time to head to the area.  For one thing, the biggest events in the area take place during the summer.  (See for more information.) For another, the summer months in Antibes are the months least likely to see rain.  The rainy season in the area begins in September and continues steadily throughout the winter.  There really is not much rain even at this time, though, so travelers should not let this deter them from heading to the area. 

Even in the coldest months, it rarely drops below forty degrees, and the beaches are almost always nice. Also, during the winter months you have the alternative (usually from December-beginning April) to go skiing in systems not far away from the coast. Good examples are for instance Isola 2000, which is 1 hour away by car (90 kms), a skiing area that starts at 2000 meters above sea level and offers 130 kms of good quality slopes. A day of skiing costs generally around 25 euros and is valid in Isola and Auron (110kms of slopes). Other close lying systems are for instance Valberg, Colmiane, Roubion among many others. All systems are easy access by bus from Nice (1 euro) and prebooked busses are available for around 10 euros return ticket.

Updated weather information and a week-long forecast for Antibes can be located at .