The main attraction in Eze is undoubtedly the Jardin d’Eze, an exotic garden that features not only plants, but history and tradition as well. Located at Rue du Chateau in Eze-Village, the garden is open all year-round, though hours vary according to season. The first part of this attraction is the ruins of the 12-century fortified castle that sit upon a narrow peak overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The Castle of Eze was destroyed in 1706 during the war of the succession of Spain, under the orders of Louis the XIV. However, the ruins are still impressive, especially where some sections of wall still remain.

The castle is surrounded by the exotic garden, which was started after World War II. Thanks to the protection and drainage provided by the Revere Mount, the garden has flourished over the years. The exotic plants include cactees, euphorbia, agavacees, liliacees, and many other specimens. And don’t miss the impressive sculptures by Jean-Philippe Richard, especially “Justine,” or “Isis,” a goddess honored by the early Phoenician inhabitants of Eze.