Jean Cocteau really made an impression on Menton and an interesting day can be had visiting the three places where he left his mark. They can be done in any order that is convenient, but a favorite place to start is with the Bastion.  Cocteau retrieved the site and made it into his studio, decorating it with his trademark mosaic/stone motifs, and giving it a funky charm. Upstairs ( no elevator) you can enjoy a pretty fascinating "home movie" made by Cocteau. If you have the time and the stamina, do go up for a look out from the ramparts.

The Bastion admission also covers the spanking new (November 2011) Jean Cocteau/Severin Wundermann Collection building-which is just across the street.  Deliberately designed not to impair anyone's view of the sea, the building is either fabulously original, or rather odd--depending on your taste.  It holds a large collection of sketches, paintings, notebooks, quotations, and both stills and excerpts from his movies.  There is an elevator to access the exhibits in the basement and plenty of benches scattered around for contemplating...or resting on. This modern building is equiped with nice restrooms and a chic (rather expensive) café.  You'll have to suss out the posters to see whether you want to pay (a small) additional fee for whatever the revolving exhibit of the moment is.  These are the work of other artists, some of them are fascinating, others ho-hum. 

After making your way through these two sites, and probably having a nice lunch, you can cruise over to the Mairie (Town Hall) and pay 2 Euros to see the Salle des Marriages.  It's one of those things you have to walk into to really experience; the photos you see of it just don't do it justice. .  The taped commentary was only in French, but by sitting through it a couple of times, and looking carefully, you'll probably be able to grasp the jist of it. (have just heard that there is an English version of the commentary, probably one must ask for it.) When you think of how much work it must have been to cover the entire surface of three walls and the ceiling with murals, you'll be impressed with the effort if not the art.