With the beautiful weather that persists year-round in Menton, there is always something to do outdoors. The 316 cloudless days a year make Menton a wonderful place to do water sports such as sailing, scuba diving, water-skiing and windsurfing during the summer. The hilly terrain of the nearby mountains also makes this city a good place for mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding. For information about water sports, try the Centre Nautique de l'Office du Tourisme on the Promenade de la Mer. There are also various sporting clubs such as the Club Nautique du Vieux Port and Sporting Club Aviron, also located on the promenade.

There are tennis courts in several places in Menton.  The Tennis Club of Menton is a first class facility located just below the train station.  Website: http://www.tennisclubmenton.fr . You do not have to belong to the club to play there, or to eat or drink at the cafe/bar, which has tables both indoors and outdoors.   If you ask at the reception/office in the clubhouse, they may even be able to set up a match for you.

If you are looking for a relaxing and scenic place for an afternoon stroll, there are several beautiful gardens in Menton. The Villa Maria Serena at 21, promenade Reine-Astrid is located almost on the French-Italian Border. Tropical and subtropical plants such as palm trees and cycads abound, with many of them imported from the Canary Islands. The Jardin du Palais Carnolès at 3, Avenue de la Madone is part of the former residence of the Prince of Monaco and home to many species of fruit trees as well as some nice pieces of sculpture. There is furthermore the Jardin botanique exotique du Val Rahmeh on avenue Saint-Jacques, which is perhaps the most famous, as it holds over 700 species of plants and is also a branch of the National Museum of Natural History.