Paris is the City of Lights, but those visiting Nice during the Christmas season or during Carnival may argue. With the Bay of Angels lit up, and the main roads adorned with thousands of multi-color light bulbs that illuminate the town, Nice is certainly a city of lights as well.

The Carnival of Nice dates back to the Middles Ages, and today remains a 10-day celebration featuring daily parades, concerts, street theater and more. It continues to attract visitors from around the globe, who descend on the gorgeous French Riviera.

And throughout the year Nice features a vibrant nightlife that includes dancing at discos, small pubs and piano bars as well as action at the casinos. There are even shops that stay open round the clock, just in case you need to buy something after the sun goes down.

The city is home to several large dance clubs and Blue Boy Enterprise at 9 rue Spinetta remains one of the most popular. It attracts huge crowds, gay and straight, who come to hear the music and dance into the early hours of the morning. La Palousa is another popular nightspot, a restaurant where the patrons stay after their meal to listen to music and enjoy an after-dinner drink. Many remain until the wee hours at this club, which is considered on the hippest in the city, and with the most diverse crowds.

For something completely different Big Ben is one of the most authentically British pubs in Nice. It offers a relaxed alternative to booming music, as well as English-style favorites such as steak tartare and a cold pint.

If you're looking for jazz, there is a barn-like venue just 5 mins walk from Gare de Riquier named 'Le Sezamo'. It's large enough to accommodate 300 people and yet doesn't feeling oversized for a more modest audience. Friendly, vibrant staff, with a barman who won't conform to the usual cocktail recipes, instead taking your wishes of flavor and taste and conjuring up a most exciting concoction of luminously coloured drinks. 

La Bodéguita Del Havana - A fabulous place to meet some locals & catch up on some salsa dancing.

Wayne's: Wayne's is one of the most exciting and vibrant clubs in Nice. Good beer, live music & full bar.