There are two major sports (or rather outdoor activities) which are commonly enjoyed by visitors who are spending time in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.  The first is beach activity and the second is hiking.  Each of these offer a different look at the beautiful nature which surrounds the area and gives visitors a chance to exercise a bit while enjoying the scenery.

Beach activity is the most frequent activity found in the area.  Of course, this can mean many things.  For some, it means swimming.  For many others, it means snorkeling or even scuba diving.  Travelers can take advantage of these opportunities all throughout the area, but there are basically three beaches to know:

  • Cro de Pei Pin – Located on the north side of the main port at Anse Lilong, this beach is recognized as the biggest beach in the area and the one where the most activity takes places.

  • Paloma Beach – Located on the north side of at the foot of sheer cliffs, this beach tends to have the least wind, making it the safest beach for less experienced swimmers.

  • Passable Beach – Located on the northwest side of St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, this beach is the one with the most tourists, as it is located near several attractions as well as close to the visitor’s center.

In terms of hiking, there is no place which is a bad place to go.   A useful book for walkers can be found at .