St. Raphael is generally safe, but tourists are still subject to being targets for petty crime. Common sense safety should be practiced while traveling. Pickpockets tend to target places where tourists congregate, so be cautious when going to historic sites, museums, restaurants, or when taking public transportation. Keep your most important documents such as your passport close to your body like in a front pocket rather than in a back pocket or in a backpack or other bag. Don't keep all your money in one place, like in your wallet. Keep money in your front pocket along with credit cards, where it is more difficult for pickpockets to get to. Always keep an eye on your belongings. Don't leave them unattended for even short periods of time, as this is when thieves strike. When using ATMs, be wary of strangers who get too close to you while you are entering your PIN. Avoid walking alone in isolated areas, especially after dark.

    If driving in St. Raphael, leave your car locked and valuables out of sight. Thieves will patrol parking lots looking for things like computers, music players, cameras or other electronics. 

    For more information, see the US State Department's France travel page: here.