Shops start their sales in early July and offer up to 50% off.  Benetton offered  70% on all stock last year. Most items are so expensive in St. Tropez that only a sale offer of 50% off makes anything worthwhile.  Supermarkets are great places for children's clothes and adults swimwear but the adult clothes are not worth a look. 

The real bargain shopping is the Braderie (end of season sale) at the end of October. The streets are jammed with stalls and some great bargains are to be had. Most shops put tables out in front of them and put their remaining summer stock out and cut prices by huge amounts. The winter stock is also cut in price inside the shops.

There are however the usual market traders who pretend to offer values, but the seasoned shopper knows the bargains are to be had from the real shop owners...the following week about 20% of the shops close for the winter and the do not want to carry stock!