The nearest airport is Geneva. All major airlines fly there including many of the low-cost, budget airlines such as EasyJet. It is located just over one hour from Chamonix.

However, there is little public transport from Geneva Airport to Chamonix. The train service involves 3 changes and a total journey time of 3 hours plus. There is a public bus service that runs at best 5 times a day and at worst twice a day. This is 32 Euros per person and takes two hours plus.

 Because of this the most popular way to get from the airport to Chamonix is by a 'shared transfer' This is usually an and 8 or 12 seat minivan or a small coach. This service should be pre-booked and you will be met at the airport on arrival and will be sharing the transfer with others who have arrived at a similar time to yourself.

 The journey time is usually one hour and fifteen minutes and is a door-to-door service which means that you will be dropped off at your accommodaton. The price ranges from 20 Euros up to 38 Euros for a one-way journey depending on how many people are in your own party.

 For the return the pick-up from your accommodation is usually between 3 and 3.5 hours prior to your flight departure time.