Chamonix is a small but active community . The beautiful surroundings bring in an enormous amount of tourists so you can bet there are plenty of events year round for all to enjoy.

One major event is the Festival des Sciences de la Terre et de ses Hommes. Anyone with an interest in science will enjoy this festival in May which highlights many exhibitions and films. Think of it like a science fair but on the the professional level.

Running from July through September is the Festival de Film de Montagne; a film festival. But the summer are months are filled with special events. Concerts and exhibitions are scheduled solid through these months so be sure to check with the Chamonix online tourist board event calendar for details.

On the night of July 13th prepare to party with the French with fireworks and celebration in the streets as the 14th is Bastille Day; France's Independence Day.

In the winter there are countless ski and snowboard competitions in the area so again be sure to visit the city's event calendar as watching one is a great experience. During the Christmas season the city is very festive with Christmas markets, decorations and delicious treats.