Though each season offers something a little different in Lyon, the most popular time for travelers to visit the city is early fall. By booking your trip in autumn, you miss the steamy, sticky summers and harsh winters typical of the Rhone corridor. In the fall, the weather is still rather warm (typically 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, even reaching 80 on occasion) and you can catch the tail end of the festival season, with some of the most popular events, like the world-famous Biennial Dance Festival, coming in September. Be aware, though, that the chance of a rainy day does increase as the season wears on.

That said, the summer months certainly aren’t unbearable—expect 80s and 90s with relatively high humidity, but pleasant nights in the 60s. You can spend the day in air-conditioned galleries and museums and hit the streets at night for dancing, dining and festivals.

And winter isn’t without its upside as well. Snow is possible, and days often approach freezing temperatures, but the streets certainly don’t go dead on account of the cold. The Festival of Lights still brings out the locals and brings in the tourists and the city, as it is the gateway to the Alps, also attracts its share of skiers during the other winter months.