Germany is criss-crossed by more than 200 long-distance cycle routes covering over 70,000 kilometres as well as countless other well-signposted cycle paths. A network that opens up major cities, areas of outstanding natural beauty and pretty little towns far from the busy roads. There is so much to see and do when you discover Germany by bike, whether you're rolling along a river, careering down a mountain-bike trail or just soaking up the scenery. Here, you will find no fewer than 50 long-distance cycle routes and mountain-bike regions in Germany's most beautiful locations. Just a taste of what's on offer for everyday cyclists and seasoned pros alike.For a selection of 50 cycle routes see German National Tourist Office /Cycling

German's cycle paths are safe and well maintained and it is a pleasure following the routes. There are usually kept seperate from roads and families can cycle together without worrying about traffic.

Some of the best cycle paths in Germany follow rivers. For example the Danube, Rhine, Mosel, Spree, Altmuhl, Mulde, Elbe etc.  The Bikeline series of books, published by Esterbauerhave excellent maps and give alternative routes for some sections of the tour and also have a comprehensive list of accomodations that are bike friendly. Phone ahead on a daily basis depending on how far you intend cycling that day and what attractions there are on the way and you shouldn't have any problems booking rooms for, say 4 people.You can take your own bike or hire one in Germany.  There are excellent hire companies in many German cities eg Berlin, Lubeck, Bremen, Leipzig etc.