The city of Stuttgart is home to several festivals each year, including two beer festivals, both of which attract millions of  tourists to the city.  Stuttgart's Spring Beer Festival, Fruehlingsfest,  is held for three weeks each April and May at the city's Cannstatter Wasen.  It is the world's largest Spring beer festival.  The festival includes not just drinking beer by the Mass (liter), but carnival rides some of which are more like a large amusement park's, live music, and all types of food. 

Stuttgart's Fall Beer Festival, Cannstatter Volksfest, takes place for two weeks each September and October.  This festival is the older of the two, first started in 1818 by King Wilhelm I as a celebration of a bountiful harvest.  It is Germany's second largest beer festival, after Munich's Oktoberfest, attracting millions of visitors each year.  It is held in the same venue as the Spring Festival and has similar, but more, attractions. 

 Stuttgart Marketing, the festivals' organizer, offers travel packages for tourists to both of the city's beer festivals, and also for some of the other events listed below.

The Weindorf (Wine Village) occurs between late August and early September on Schillerplatz and Markplatz in downtown Stuttgart and attracts over a million visitors.  Swabian food and wine is the attraction.

The Stuttgarter Sommerfest (Summer Festival)  occurs in early August  and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors for the food, drink and entertainment.  You won't find sausages here, but only finer food.  It is held on the Schlossplatz and around the Eckensee in central Stuttgart.

One of Europe's largest, oldest and most beautiful Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt) begins in late November and ends on December 23, and attracts millions of visitors.

The World Christmas Circus, Weltweihnachtscircus, features international circus acts and is held on the Cannstatter Wasen for a month, beginning in early December and ending in early January.


The Mercedes Cup Tennis Tournament is held in early July at the Tennisclub Weissenhof.

Porsche Grand Prix Tennis is held in late September  to early October at the Porsche-Arena.

The International Riding and Jumping Horse Tournament, Stuttgart German Masters, is held in the latter half of November in Schleyerhalle.

For information on other events and festivals in Stuttgart, see the Tourist Board's Events Page