Like most European cities, Munich has a well developed and extensive public transit system.  Essentially there are two parts.  The first is run by the national railroad (Deutsche Bahn or DB) and is called the S-Bahn (for Schnell/Fast or Suburban).  The second is run by the city which is composed of the U-Bahn (subway), Trams and buses. The main Sbahn area in Munich is called the stamstrecke.  There are different rings in Munich and you need to buy a ticket according to how far you are planning on traveling in Munich. If you are planning on staying in the city center then you only need to have the inner ring ticket.

If you are traveling in groups they also offer discounts for groups of 3 or more making it more affordable to travel through Munich for a couple of days.   

A ticket allows you to access both systems seamlessly on an honour system.  However, don't get caught without a ticket - the train police will demand that you immediately buy a 65EUR on-board ticket or face a fine. Driving without a ticket is called black riding (schwarzfahren) in Munich they check for tickets constantly so always buy a ticket. You will be able to buy tickets on every bus, tram, at the platforms for ubahn and sbahns.

If you are flying into Munich airport and planning on driving to other cities in Europe a car rental is reccomended. A small tip if you are planning on traveling to Schloss Neuschwanstein it is reccomended to have a car rental is really far outside of Munich and you have to take a bus filled with other tourists and will take a lot longer.

Here is a list of a few car rental companies in Munich 

Car Rental Companies:




 Taxi Companies

If you are looking for short term transportation there are a few taxi companies in Munich. These taxis are great to take from the airport to your hotel to make sure you find your hotel after traveling so far. Afterwards you will be able to get around the city easier.

myDriver Taxi

Taxi München +49 (0)8921610


Another type of transportation in Munich is carsharing where you will be able to pickup a car in the city and drive where you need to go here are the most popular companies in Munich



 Munich offers a wide range of transportation soultions no matter what you do after you land in Munich.