If you enjoy seeing historic architecture and understanding why homes and buildings are built the way they are, Rothenburg could prove interesting.

A medieval town mostly rebuilt since it was bombed during WWII, Rothenburg has many interesting features.

Behind the walls of this small town, you’ll find many pitched roofs, lots of tiny windows and – over some of the doorways of the homes – a long metal bar. These bars were used as a pulley system in case the city was under siege. The homeowners could use the pulley system to bring up supplies (such as hay and other supplies) to the upper parts of the home during the siege.

In the town center, or the Market Square (Marktplatz) you’ll see patrician homes with red roofs, then further out, near the walls of the city, smaller, plebian homes. You can take a walk along the wall of the city, which is about a 1-mile walk, and take in the town from that vantage point. There are plenty of old towers to examine.

Rothenburg’s draw as a tourist destination is its architecture, and well-preserved examination of the town in medieval times. Therefore, as you examine its unique and interesting architecture, be patient of the crowds who join you. Wherever you can, ask locals for tidbits of information and interesting trivia.