If you’re concerned for your personal safety while visiting Rothenburg, rest assured: your personal property are safe here. This is the kind of place where, if you should happen to leave your wallet on a store counter, someone will run after you to return it rather than pocket your cash and discard the wallet.

But there are other dangers that abound in this medieval city. If you climb to the top of the town hall, you can get a beautiful, panoramic view of the city, but be cautioned: the last few stairs to the top are steep and to get from the stairs to the platform for viewing, you have a very tight squeeze. This is not a climb for small children, or even larger people who might not be able to make the tight turn and climb the steep steps.

Some visitors offer words of caution regarding the many piles of horse droppings you’ll find in the streets. Travel in a waggon or carriage drawn by horse is common here, so therefore are the messes. Always keep a eye to the ground.

Finally, be aware that some of the doorways in the city wall and other areas might be a little low. People in medieval times were generally smaller and shorter than we are these days, so if you are on the taller side, be sure to watch your head.