Given that it’s in Germany, Rothenburg can boast of somewhat moderate weather, with a cool to cold winter and warm to hot summer. Nights can be chilly.

If you need sunshine, head to Rothenburg in August. This is also the hottest month, with average high temperatures hovering around 88 and lows in the low 60s. There are about 7 hours of sunshine in August, as well, so this is the sunny month (by contrast, in January, you’ll get about 2 hours of sunshine a day in Rothenburg).

Since summer is generally the most touristy time, it’s also helpful to know that June and July get fairly warm as well in Rothenburg. In June, the average high is 75 and in July, it’s 88. But although average highs aren’t in the 90s here, it can hit 100 degrees, so if you’re planning on doing walking or sightseeing, be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen. Always carry a bottle of water to avoid dehydration.

If you happen to be in Rothenburg in the winter months, you will likely be chilly, but not freezing. This is not arctic weather here. Highs in December and January are 45 and 42, respectively, and the lows only dip into the low and mid 30s. No below zero temperatures here.