With the help of  the visitors office of the Bundestag, try out the Arts and Architecture tour or an actual tour of the Reichstag (if Parliament is not in session). Write to the Reichstag directly and request a visit. There are thousands of people taking up this facility so patience is required and it helps if  the request is well in advance (i.e. at least 6 months before the visit). The staff at the visitors office are extremely helpful providing there is time to process a request. If lucky enough the arts and architecture tour comes with a guide in English.

Although there are queues outside, the admission is free. The queue is mostly caused by the security checks done inside before visitors are allowed to enter the building (very similar to security checks at the airport), and also because people have to take a lift to go up to the roof and down. The glass dome at the top of the building is amazing and there are free audio guides available.

The Reichstag is an impressive building which has obviously been well restored on the outside and completely gutted and rebuilt on the inside.   A lift takes you up to the top and to views across Berlin.   Good views of the Brandenburg Gate, Cathedral and Mercedes Benz building among others.   The mirrors on the inside of the dome are impressive as they move with the sun to direct light into the chamber below – very ecological.   Entry is free, but you must book in advance, and an excellent audio guide is also available in 9 languages also free of charge.   The English one is very well spoken and starts automatically when you reach the beginning of the ramp inside the dome.   It detects where you are and starts and stops automatically so you can view the sights at your own pace.   The place is let down by the American English translations on the information points on the inside of the dome. 

To take a GPS audio walking tour starting from in front of the Reichstag, download and sign up for VoiceMap on your Android device or iPhone, select Berlin, and select Into the Heart of Berlin ($2.99).

  Reichstag mirrors

Reichstag mirrors

Reichstag dome