On foot

Hamburg is a huge city, but the old town area is best accessed on foot. In fact, walking around Altstadt or by one of the city's many canals can be very entertaining. There are also several free walking tours offered, which include attractions such as the famous Town Hall building, St. Petri medieval church, Hafen City, etc. 

By public transport

Public transportation information can be found at: Hamburg Public Transport - HVV Info.

 Single tickets start at 1,50 EUR for a short journey, while day tickets cost at least 6,20 EUR. Great option for exploring Hamburg is the Hamburg CARD, which includes unlimited travel on city's buses and trains as well as discounts in theatres, museums, and restaurants. Prices start at 9.90 EUR per day per person.

Taxi/Car service

There are numerous apps and websites allowing to book a taxi/limousine in Hamburg:

Alternatively, taxis can be booked at the following numbers (German only): 

  • Autoruf 44 10 11
  • Das Taxi 22 11 22**
  • Hansa-Taxi 211 255* or 211 211 & 311 311
  • prima clima mobil 211 522*
  • Taxi Hamburg 612 612* or 66 66 66