Went here with a mixed bag of boys aged from 9 to 14.

There are different classes of carts for the different ages and the older boy could choose to race with the youngsters (and win, with the faster cart) or with adults (where he's lose, with a slower cart).

The younger boys look so sweet in the slower carts (they were probably going as fast as they could, but they looked like Sunday-drivers). 

There's a special session for the youngsters on Sunday afternoon and they alternate sessions between the age groups - so they had to wait between races, but seemed happy to watch. The balaclavas are only necessary from age 13 or so (they're too big for the youngsters).

 Suspect the children wouldn't be so happy to go regularly as the carts for the smaller boys are so underpowered and they have to wait 15mins between races,  but it was great to be able to let the smaller boys have a go - and they want to go back.