If you are thinking of traveling to Frankfurt with a family, there is plenty for you to do together. Even though Germany is known as a place with fantastic beer, the locals do not get rowdy or destroy their cities. It is a perfect environment to take a family and have a great vacation. If you have young children, or even if you are just with some friends, you can visit the Frankfurt Zoo. Located in the heart of the city center, the zoo has almost every type of exotic animal on the planet. Whether it is a lion or an elephant, you will be able to watch them in simulated natural surroundings, from a safe distance of course. Frankfurt has a great greenhouse called Palm Garden. Here you can stroll through the grounds at a leisurely pace and admire all of the greenery. You can take a relaxing boat tour around the Main or Rhine River. This is a great way to get a feel for the city and see the skyline in a relaxed environment. You can head to the Museum Riverbank, where some great pieces are held on architecture, painting, and film. Another great thing to do is take the Ebbelwei Express, which is a colorful tram that goes throughout the city on a tour. This is like the boat tour, only instead of going around, you can go through and see what's inside the city.