hanau  has the phillipsrule castle on the banks of the main river a good place to enjoy  a wurst and a bier.saturday morning like most german cities  hanau town centre has a open market you can buy anything remember german stores in hanau close at noon on saturday. so get up early to catch the market.the resturants in hanau offer alot of fast food  american style locations since  the us army was stationed on lamboy strrasse and off of e40 at pioneer kaserne.they also have the german chains and  great local places.the castle at ashauffenburg is also close by and an excellent place to visit.september and early october hanau has an octoberfest as do many german cities if travelling thru germany this is the best time becuse all the festivals are occuring and hanau has an excellent festival,the locals are very friendly and helpful.the bus lines cover all the major routes and end up at the db station railway station so you can make a quick day of hanau.the railroad passenger service connects to all major cities in germany and frankfurt Am is nearby along with frieburg and sachsenhausen  hanau offers you a chance to see germany at its best..