There are many excellent reasons to visit Dusseldorf, but the weather is not one of them.  In general, Dusseldorf is considered to be uncomfortably cold in the winter and uncomfortably rainy during the summer.  However, for travelers who don’t let a little bit of rain or snow get them down, Dusseldorf is actually a decent place to visit at any time of the year.

In terms of the temperature, the summer is the best time to go.  The high temperatures during the days of summer are generally in the seventies.  There is relatively high humidity in Dusseldorf throughout the year.  However, temperatures stay cool enough that, even with humidity, the summer weather feels nice and cool to travelers coming from most other places during that time of year.  Rain can come at any time, but the rainy season is in the summer, with July generally being the wettest month.  The winter gets cold, often well below freezing.  Updated weather information is online at or .

In terms of events and activities going on throughout the year, the end of the year is often considered the best time to go.  Starting with the big fall carnival and continuing through New Years celebrations, this time is a blur of constant activity there.  Additional information is available at .