By plane:  Many travelers arrive in the area by plane.  The major airport serving the area is the Dusseldorf International Airport ( http://www.duesseldorf-international.... ).  This airport is served by major airlines such as Air France, British Airways ( and Delta Air.  A complete list of the airlines serving the airport is on the website, accessible by following the “info and services” link on the left side of the home page and then clicking on “airlines”. 

Another popular airport is Weeze - but it is 80 km away. It mainly serves the low cost airlines. They have a bus running between the airport and Dusseldorf quite frequently - see here for the schedule (it takes 90 min for the trip and cost 12,50 Euro p.p.):

Upon arrival Duesseldorf International:  After reaching the airport, travelers can rent a car (There will be all major car rental companies available.)  Alternatively, they can take a bus or a train to their Dusseldorf hotel destination.  More information about each of these options is available on the airport website by clicking on “car and train” on the left hand side of the home page and following the appropriate links. 

By car:  The Autobahn freeway system runs throughout the area.  It is reported to have excellent signage and to be relatively clear.  Travelers can obtain driving maps online at Google Maps ( or Mapquest ( for additional assistance.

By train:  Dusseldorf is part of the extensive S-bahn railway system.  This is a convenient method of travel, particularly for those people traveling throughout the area of and surrounding Germany.  This is favored by students.


Airport <=> Main station / City

small group of people/comfortable way

The best way is to order a large taxi that fits the right number of people (they may have transporters who fit 8 people or so). You can give them a call in advance and so they probably wait for you:

Taxi Düsseldorf: Tel. +49-211-33333
Rhein Taxi: Tel. +49-211-212121

Costs: around 16-20 Euros (it does not depend on the number of people)

You can also take the S-Bahn (Metro). The S11 departs every 20 min directly below the terminal. To find the entrance to this so called "terminalstation" leave the arrival level near the REWE supermarket (next to the McDonalds) and walk about 100m outdoors along the parking lot. Do not mix up S1 and S11 as the departure locations are different! The entrance to the station does not really look very welcoming. The ride to the Hauptbahnhof (main station) is about 15 min. From the Hauptbahnhof you reach quite a few hotels within a 10 min walk.

Costs: 2,10 Euro per Person

To find your way around there is also a German website with maps: There you can fill in the zip-code (PLZ), town (Ort)  and street address (Strasse).