Travelers will generally find that getting around Dusseldorf is best done via public transportation.  Public transportation consists of both buses and trains, each of which is relatively inexpensive, easy to use, comfortable, and safe.  Together, these methods of transportation can get travelers everywhere they wish to go in the area.  Additional information about public transportation in Dusseldorf is available at .

Visitors can supplement their use of public transportation with taxi hire.  Taxis are easy to locate on the streets.  They are yellow and white, with standard taxi stands on their roofs.  Travelers can also supplement use of buses, trains and taxis with walking.  Major attractions throughout Dusseldorf may not be easily reached on foot; however travelers can walk to certain neighborhood attractions, especially those in downtown Dusseldorf.

Travelers reaching the area by plane may find that obtaining a rental car is the best option for them.  More information about arrival and options upon arrival is available at .  Because of the ease of public transportation, car rental is not necessary.  However, travelers will find that getting around via car is easy enough and those people who wish to have the freedom of traveling on their own should feel confident in doing so.