By plane:  Visitors who are interested in flying to Trier will fly frm their point of origin to the airport located in Luxembourg .  This airport is the Findel International Airport (see and for more information about the airport).  Upon arrival at this airport, travelers can take a bus or rent a car to get from Luxembourg to Trier .  Driving directions between the two locations can be obtained from Google Maps at .  The drive between the two cities is approximately forty minutes in length.

By car:  Travelers reaching the area by car from the direction of Luxembourg can take the A1 highway to the B51 exit which is the Trier exit.  Visitors coming from other parts of Germany will likely take either the A48 or 51 highways to reach Trier .  For specific driving directions, see above.

By ground:  Travelers who would like to do so can take either the bus or the train to get to Trier as both have stations in the city.  More information about the bus is available online at  More information about the train is available at

By boat:   Visitors who are stopping in or near Cochem can opt to take a ferry along the Mosel River to Trier .