On foot:  Trier is a city which has many of its attractions clustered together.  For this reason, travelers may find that getting around on foot is one of the best methods of seeing everything.  Travelers can easily walk from one location to another without strain.  This also gives visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with the city and to have a chance to meet other travelers as well as locals who are also out and about in the area.

On bike:  For further away locations, Trier is still small enough to navigate without the use of a car.  Renting a bicycle is another great method for seeing all there is to see in the area.

By bus:  Travelers who are interested in doing so can take the local bus.  There is also a tourist bus which takes visitors to many major attractions and even offers a discounted rate.  See http://www.hhog.de/en/showCity_en_det... for additional information.

By train:  There is a local train station which visitors can use to get around the greater area for day trips.  See http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g18... for day trip information.

By car:   Getting around by car is common.   Visitors are reminded that driving in Germany is more fast paced and aggressive than driving in many other locations.   Take care accordingly.

By boat:  Visitors can use the Mosel River and ferry around the great area.