Spain's history contains one of the finest examples of a medievel Muslim community in the West. In fact it is one of the finest Muslim communities full stop according to many experts.

It is a period that lasted nearly 700 years and produced some o fthe finest scholars the world has ever seen and a floruishing social setup unmatched by any other contemporary society. 

For so long this period of history has been downplayed and propagated as negative and something for Catholic Spain to be ashamed of. This is a view rapidly being eradicated and as a result there is a growing interest in the amazing monuments of the Islamic era (the Alhambra is a case in evidence). 

This photographic journey of some key Islamic monuments sets you off on the Moorish trail using photography and quotes by informed minds of the past and present.

The wiki page is a good place to start for the background of the empire then known as Al Andlaus, from which today there is 'Andalucia'. 

Famed for it's art, this write up by Saudi Aramco makes for an intriguing insight.