A. Business Cards

When two business people meet for the first time in Spain, they exchange business cards. Business cards are more or less uniform around the world now, but there are some things that are important in Spain. Your official business position (such as Chief Scientist) should be shown in the card. Also if you have a Master's or PhD, it should also be shown on the card. You should not be humble and omit these titles from your business card. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of these as they will stand you in good stead for gaining contacts.

B. Social Cards

At some gatherings and social events in Spain, people carry social cards, which are similar to business cards and are meant to be exchanged at such occasions, such as lunches, weddings or parties, with others you meet for the first time. These cards should have the following information:

Name (if applicable, the husband's name should precede the wife's, as per tradition)


Telephone number

Email addresses (optional)

The cards should be printed using script type. Correct etiquette does not allow too many variations of the information printed on the card because, in this sense, the Spanish are very traditional. New residents are advised to have a supply of social cards printed and ready to go, before attending such events.