The Menu of the Day at Restaurants

Every restaurant in Spain, by law, has to post their menu outside, with the prices. Thus one can see if one can afford eating in that restaurant. In the Costa del Sol, the restaurant menus are printed in Spanish, English, French, and German. Sometimes the English translation is not the most accurate because it has obviously not been translated by an English speaker. But it will give one an idea of the food. This is not the norm for all of Spain so take a translation book .

Look for the menu of the day. This is a special between Monday and Friday. It costs 7 euros in inexpensive restaurants, and about 15 euros in high end restaurants. This is a good deal because it includes soup or salad, the main dish, which may be meat or fish, dessert, bread, and usually a glass of wine or beer. Butter is not served in Spain usually because the Spanish use olive oil on their bread. In some restaurants, there is a wide choice of dishes for the first and second plates, as well as desserts.

It is customary to leave small change as a recognition of a good service, even for a coffee. No bill includes a service charge, which is the norm in France . However if one wants to tip for very good service, a 5 - 10 % tip that is good enough.