There are many options for getting around the Cordoba area, and can be broken down in to two categories: public and private transportation.

            The two main options for public transportation within Cordoba are taxis and urban buses.

            Taxis are widely available throughout the city, but more so in public areas such as the train station.  Hotels and restaurants will be happy to arrange for pick ups.  Taxis are white in color, with their official number marked on the side door.  Fares are based on the meter, which should be available in all vehicles.  Negotiating should not be an issue.  If a driver refuses to turn on the meter, get out of the car and choose another taxi.  Fares will rise during certain hours of the day (late at night or during a siesta) and during public holidays.  Drivers rarely speak English, so either learn some basic Spanish, or carry around a map with the destination distinctly circled. 

            City or Urban buses are available throughout Cordoba.  Most stops have route and timetable information.  Fares are to be paid to the driver. Getting to areas outside of Cordoba can be done via train or bus.  Visit Trains in Andalusia for more information on trains.  Visit Buses in Andalusia for more information on buses. 

            The main form of private transportation in Cordoba is the rental car. Check out Cordoba Car Rentals for a list companies operating within the area.

            Besides there are an innovative company called Blobject which offers electric cars equipped with a gps unit to visit the city. You  have different 2 and 4 seaters cars so you can rent them to visit the city in an independent way. Prices are from 30€ for the first two hours. Check some of the testimonials here. It is the best way to visit one of the largest historical downtowns in Europe with total freedom! The BBC ran a story on the company in August 2005.

            For more general information about getting around Spain, visit Spain for Visitors .