Transfer Information From Malaga Airport – Effective from 1st May 2009

Train Transfers: (Tren in Spanish) The most preferred way to transfer.


Firstly the directions to the Station from the Arrivals building:

Once entering the Arrivals Hall from Customs go up the escalator to the Departures Hall. Go to the upper deck parking area and turn right. Look for the signs which indicate the train station, It also says “railway” now. You will reach a walkway bridge that goes back and forth. That will take you down to the Station. Make sure you have some coins with you as the machine sometimes rejects notes. By the way, you can change the language on the machine to make it easy to use. The average fare is about €1.50 so that will give you an idea on how much change you will need. The walk will take you around ten minutes and with the exception of a dozen steps to get you onto the platform, it is flats and slopes all the way. The Station currently only has one platform, but for trains to Torremolinos, Benalmadena & Fuengirola etc you need to get on the one entering the station from the LEFT! It does say it on the front of the train anyway. All the stops are announced by tannoy as they approach the station and also shown on signs above the doorways, however they are in Spanish dialect.

N.B. You CANNOT take bikes on board the trains, and you must have a ticket prior to boarding, if you get caught the fine is “huge”, but they run every half an hour so not a problem.

The Stations in order from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola are as follows:

San Julian, Plaza Mayor, Los Alamos, La Colina, Torremolinos, Montemar Alto, El Pinillo, Benalmadena/Arroyo De La Miel, Torremuelle, Carvajal, Torreblanca, Los Boliches, Fuengirola.


Here is the link to the Train Timetable:


San Julian – El Pinillo is Zone 2

Benalmadena/Arroyo De La Miel – Torreblanca is Zone 3

Los Boliches – Fuengirola is Zone 4

For Transfers to Marbella etc alight at Fuengirola and get a taxi or local bus from there!

Listed below are the prices for the relevant Zones..


Monday to Friday:





Prices €



























Saturdays and Holidays:      




Prices €



























For all further information visit the Renfe website here:

Bus Transfers: (Autobus in Spanish)

For most main resort areas you can catch the bus from Malaga Central Bus Station and NOT the Airport. Please visit the following website for schedules and locations. There is however a free shuttle bus that operates from the Airport to the Bus Station in Malaga and the journey is short. 

The rates are also available on this site at the bottom of the page.

For Marbella, you can catch the direct bus (no stops) if you turn right directly outside the Arrivals Hall. The fare is approximately €5 and you pay the driver direct.

Should any information be incorrect then please feel free to amend,  however this information was proven to be accurate from several sources as of 1st May 2009.