Statue of Hans Christian Andersen

Address: Plaza de la Marina, 4 (In front of the Dipùtación Provincial)

In the Plaza de la Marina there is a life size statue of Hans Christian Andersen, the beloved author of children's stories, sitting on a bench. Andersen is wearing a top hat and has a duck in his briefcase (an allusion to one of his stories). He looks at the Alameda Principal, where he stayed in a hotel. This is the favorite place in Malaga for tourists to take pictures because the sculpture is very well designed and is very human in sentiments.

It turns out that Andersen visited Malaga in October, 1862. He was captivated by the beauty of Malaga, its sea, its luminosity, and the hospitality of its people, and wrote in his book (In Spain) , "In no other Spanish city have I been as happy and comfortable as in Malaga". Andersen was one of the first persons to do a cultural tour in the 19th century.

José María Córdoba was the sculptor of this bronze statue, having been commissioned by the Danish Royal Family. The sculptor had already done some work for the Danish Royal Family. The Danish Consulate in Malaga asked him to do the sculpture in 2003, two years before the bicentenary of the author's birth. The sculptor was very happy because the statue was placed where the most people could see it and enjoy it. The sculptor was born in Cordoba, but now resides in the Costa del Sol.

In June 14, 2005, Princesa Benedikte of Denmark came to inaugurate the statue. This was a gift of the Danish people to Malaga. She was glad that Andersen had been very happy in Malaga.