Malaga Quality Stores

There are many quality stores in Malaga that do not belong to national chains and are one of a kind. This is a partial list of those stores:

1. Antonio

Alameda Principal, 27

Tel: 952-226-780

This store sells a very wide variety of handbags for women at very reasonable prices. It is a store that has been well established for years. There are also wallets for men and women, as well as quality umbrellas.

2. Pieles Nuñez Antilope

Calle Bolsa (Near Calle Larios)

Tel: 952-212-745 

This store was founded more than 70 years ago and sells leather jackets, leather trousers, suede jackets, and furs. Any clothing that need alterations can be done in a short period of time because they have a workshop in the store. The goods are quality goods and are sold at reasonable prices. 

3. La Mallorquina

Calle Sagasta, 1

Tel: 952-213-352

This store is a food store and could be called a deli. They sell ham, cheese, wine, sweets, olives, and other delicacies. The store is very neat and well organized and is one of the favorite stores of the Malagueños.

4. Maqueda Menaje

Calle Sagasta, 8

Tel: 952-210-028

This store sells kitchen utensils and gadgets and is one of the most complete stores of its kind. Prices are moderate and inexpensive. Everything a cook needs can be found here.

5. Fernando Joyeros

Strachan, 5

Tel: 952-218-956

This jewelry store is the largest in Malaga and has the best quality jewelry.

7. Jose Luis Joyeros

Alarcon Lujan, 7

Tel: 952-224-933

Jose Luis is a famous jeweler and has very good quality merchandise.

8. Lujan Joyeros

Alarcon Lujan, 8

Tel: 952-221-208

Salvador is the owner of this jewelry store and he is very simpatico and knows jewelry inside out. Very high quality jewelry.

9. Libreria Luces

Alameda Principal, 16

Tel: 952-122-100

This bookstore is one of the biggest and they can order books in print for you. There are many books in English and many travel books.

10. Gody

Strachan, 1

Tel: 952-121-555

This is one of the biggest shoe stores downtown.

11. Refer

Calle Atarazanas, 9

Tel: 952-224-691

This store sells watches and all sorts of wall clocks. This is the place to get watch batteries changed or getting watches repaired.

12. Alfajar

Calle Cister, 13

Tel: 952-211-272


This store is mainly a ceramic store which sells ceramics done by Andalusian artists by hand. They have traditional and modern designs, all of the pieces of the highest quality. Besides ceramics, they have leather goods, also produced by artists. There are silk scarves hand painted by artists too. There are metal sculptures by the international artist Lorenzo Quinn. This store is for sophisticated people who appreciate original art by artists.

13. Corcel

Calle Hilera, 7

Tel: 952-611-268

This is a small handbag store located behind the El Corte Ingles. The store has many fashionable handbags at very affordable prices. There are many bags on sale all the time. The owners are very friendly.

14. La Tienda de las Especias

Pasillo de Santa Isabel, 16 (Across the Puente de Santo Domingo)

Tel: 92-229-484


This is the best spice store in Malaga and probably the biggest. The store also carries dried fruits, nuts, teas, and candy, all at very good prices. The owner is a wholesaler.

15. Emilia Ruiz Linares

Santa Maria, 21

Tel: 952-229-638

Calle Santa Maria is the narrow pedestrian street that runs between the Cathedral and Calle Larios. This store is the most unusual souvenir store because it also sells antiques and a wide variety of gifts. The antiques include writing desks that are ornately decorated. Even if one does not plan to buy the writing desks, take a look at them because they are part of Spain's past, when people coveted owning these expensive pieces of furniture.

16. Marfil Tejidos

Convalecientes, 4

Tel: 952-216-434

There are many elegant women in Malaga. When they plan a new dress for a special occasion, they first go to this fabric store because it has the best fabrics in town. Among the fabrics there are silks, brocades, and lace. Then they go to their dressmakers to order the dress. This store may be of interest to women who sew.