Museo de Arte Sacro

Address: Calle Cister, 13 (Across the Cathedral)

Hours: 10:30 - 13:30 H.

This museum is the Religious Art Museum in the Cistercian Abbey of Santa Ana. It contains the religious art that the Cistercian nuns have accumulated over the ages, between the 15th and 18th centuries. There are more than 300 works of art. Among the artists represented are Pedro de Mena, Pedro Fernández de Mora, Fernando Ortiz and Alonso Sánchez.

The exhibits include paintings and sculptures, as well as original documents of immense value. One of these historical documents is the Libro Mudejar (Mudejar Book).

The famous sculptor Pedro de Mena had his home and workshop across the street from the Abbey and the museum has many of his sculptures. He had three daughters who joined the Cistercian Order and they also did sculptures, which are found in this museum. Pedro de Mena's sculptures have a life like character since they are of polychromed wood. He lived between 1628 and 1688, and he did the choir stalls in the Malaga Cathedral. He is considered the best Spanish sculptor of his time.