Malaga Flamenco Museum

Peña Juan Breva
Calle Picador, 2,
Tel: 952-221-380

Hours: 10:00 to 14:00 H from Monday to Friday.

Entrance fee to the museum is 1€. There is no entrance fee for the bar.

The Malaga Flamenco Museum is owned by the City of Malaga. The Peña Juan Breva runs the museum for the city. A peña is a club and this club is named after the late Juan Breva, who is considered one of Malaga's best flamenco singers. This club has the aim pf promoting flamenco.

When one enters the museum, one finds a bar with plenty of space, where one can order tapas. Downstairs there is a big room for performances that sits about 80 people. There are two upper floors that contain the museum. The museum has a large number of paintings of posters, famous flamenco dancers and singers, many of the paintings having been done by Eugenio Chicano, one of Malaga's famous painters, who is also a member of this club. There is a collection of flamenco guitars, sculptures, flamenco costumes, Spanish shawls, small flamenco figurines, documents, books, and posters that explain flamenco. The collection of memorabilia is impressive and interesting. There is a club volunteer every day to give explanations to visitors.

The club holds a free flamenco song performance every Friday night at 23:00 H in the basement. On the first Saturday of the month there is a lunch (20€) and performance. Every Wednesday there are guitar lessons at 19:00 H.