Calle Larios

At the start of Calle Larios is a monument to Manuel Domingo Larios y Larios (1836-1895). He was the firstborn son of the first Marques de Larios and he inherited a large fortune from his father and also the title. He was the one who constructed Calle Larios, which is one of the main streets, together with the Alameda Principal. The sculptor was Mariano Benlliure, one of the best sculptors of Spain at that time, and the sculpture was finished in 1899. Benlliurre was the most famous 20th century sculptor from Valencia. In front of the pedestal, there is a figure in marble of a seminude figure of a woman with a baby boy, writing the words "Malaga Agradecida" (Grateful Malaga). This represents Maternity and Charity. There is a nude figure of a man in bronze on the opposite side with a hoe on his shoulder, and a garland of grape leaves on his head. This figure represents Work.

In the 19th century, the city wanted to unite the Plaza de la Constitucion with the port and a study was made by the architect Moreno Monroy in 1859. At that time Malaga was a medieval city. Other architects became involved, such as Jose Maria de Sancha and Manuel Rivera.

The project of building Calle Larios was started in 1886 with the help of the company Hijos de Martin Larios, the main company of the Larios family. The city expropriated the land in 1878, where there were many old houses and proceeded with the redevelopment.

The main architect was Eduardo Strachan Viana-Cardenas. The project was finished in 1891. There are 12 blocks of buildings, all of them with four floors and an attic on top. One major characteristic of the buildings is that the corners are curved. The French windows have wrought iron railings. What is beautiful about this street is the look of uniformity and the rooftops are all about the same, and the buildings are painted in pastel colors. The street is 16 meters wide and the sidewalks are made of marble. Today the street is for pedestrian use only.

In the past, this street was used for promenading elegantly and for meeting friends. Today this still happens, in the late afternoon and many Malagueños go there and take their walks, and perhaps have a drink and eat tapas or pastries. One of the favorite places to meet friends is the elegant pastry shop Lepanto. Calle Larios is one of the most famous streets in Spain and the buildings beside it have some of the highest rents in Spain. It is the best place to promenade in Malaga and one of the most visited by tourists. It is one of the most attractive streets in Spain.

Reference: Guia Historico-Artistica de Malaga, by Rosario Camacho.