Restaurants Open Everyday

During holidays, it may be difficult to find restaurants that are open downtown. Of course all hotels have restaurants that are open everyday. However there are people who want to eat breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner at restaurants other than their hotels. Below are some of the restaurants downtown that open every single day of the year.

1. Lepanto

Calle Larios, 7

Tel: 952-226-221

2. Cafe Moka

Calle San Bernardo El Viejo, 2

Tel: 952-214-002

3. Cafeteria Plaza

Plaza de la Marina

Tel: 952- 609-820

4. Cafe Central Malaga

Plaza Constitución, 11
Tel: 952-224-972

5. La Cueva de 1900

Calle Martinez, 9

Tel: 952-223-976