Museo Alborania

Palmeral de las Sorpresas

Muelle 2, Edificio 2

Malaga Port

Tel: 952-220-388



Summer: June 16 – Sept. 14 (10:30 to 14:30, 16:30 to 20:30)

Winter: Sept. 15 – June 15 (10:30 to 14:30, 16:30 to 18:30)

Closed: Dec. 25, Jan. 1 and Jan. 6


Adults – 8 euros

Children under 17 years and people over 65 – 5 euros

Families with two adults and two children – 20 euros

The Museo Alborania used to be called the Marine Centre-Museum and also was called the Aula del Mar, created in 1989 to disseminate knowledge on the wealth and variety of marine life in the Alboran Sea. The Alboran Sea is the sea adjacent to the Costa del Sol and reaching to Melilla on the African continent. The museum also wants visitors to be more aware of the need to take care and protect the marine environment. The museum is located in a spectacular new building that has glass walls and plenty of light.

There are different exhibition areas. There is a room that is an aquarium and has many glass cases that contain fish that have been collected by the Museum, together with donations by local fishermen. There is a room that shows all the instruments required for naval navigation. There is a room that displays many sea shells, one of them being the golden cowrie, a rare and expensive shell that comes from the Philippines. There is a place which displays a large turtle. The gift store by the entrance has many items related to the sea that have been made by artists and artisans who live in Malaga.  


The new building.


The gift store.


The gift store.


A fish tank.

A sea horse.


A sea turtle.

A collection of algae.


A microscope to examine samples.

The golden cowrie.


More sea shells.

A simulator for driving a ship.


Model ships.


A diver's outfit.



A shark's head.