Every year Malaga gets about 35,000 foreign students who come to the province of Malaga to study Spanish. These figures come from the government. They come from all over the world. There are 400 million native Spanish speakers in the world and foreign students want to learn Spanish because it may be beneficial to them for doing business in the Spanish speaking world, or for travel in the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Here are the reasons students come to Malaga to study Spanish:

1. The climate is mild and the best in Spain. No one wants to freeze in an inland city during winter.

2. The students enjoy the beaches of Malaga. They can study Spanish in the morning and spend their afternoons at the beach. Where else in Spain can you do this all year long?

3. The Malagueños are very friendly and love to talk. The foreign students can practice their Spanish with the Malagueños and even if they make mistakes in Spanish, the Malagueños are patient with them and enjoy correcting their Spanish.

4. Malaga is a very Spanish city and English is not heard on the streets. This is a wonderful city for complete language immersion.

5. The food is excellent in Malaga and inexpensive.

6. While Malaga is a big city, it feels like a small town and it is easy to get around by walking or taking the bus. Yet it has the sophistication of a big city and shopping is great.

But what about the accent? Students know that the purest Spanish is spoken in Valladolid, but the students are quite practical and they know that in the half year or one year they are in Malaga, they will not get any particular accent. They just want to learn Spanish. They want to learn basic Spanish. None of them are here for their doctorate in Spanish. Students realize that later in business and in life, it will be good to know Spanish.

Many students are Americans. They know that the accent here is like the accent of the Hispanic society in the U.S. They know that the conquistadores who went to the New World were from Extremadura and Andalusia. The Spanish spoken in Malaga is like the Spanish spoken in Mexico and all of South America, with slightly different accents. The accent is not important for these students at all. All their teachers at the university speak correct Spanish. That is what matters to them.

In the end, 35,000 students cannot all be wrong. Students are smart! For those interested in studying Spanish in Malaga, it would be a good idea to visit http://www.spanish-courses-in-spain.com/. The site enables visitors to compare the different schools in terms of services, extramural activities, prices, location and accommodation options.

A web search of Spanish language schools in Malaga shows these schools:

1. Campus Idiomático


2. Malaca Instituto


3. Cervantes Escuela International


4. Debla


5. Alhambra Instituto


6. Malaga Si


7. Instituto de Español Pablo Picasso


8. Malaga University


9. Escuela de Idiomas Nerja


10. La Brisa Escuela de Español


11. Malagaplus


12. Spanorama


13. Erasmus Language


14. Español Pro


15. Enforex Malaga


16. AmeriSpan


17. Spanish Abroad


18. Estudio Hispanico


19. Don Quijote Malaga


20.  SG Spanish Immersion


21. Linguaschools Malaga


22. La Playa Escuela de Español


23. Cactus Language


24. La Janda Spanish School, Vejer de la Frontera

La Janda Spanish School

25. Agualivar Spanish School


26. Solingua Spanish School


27. Academia CILE


28. Escuela Entrelenguas | Learn Spanish | Experience Local


 29. Don Spanish 


30. Learn Spanish in Spain


31. Lyceum Español


32. Onspain School