Museo Interactivo de la Musica - Malaga (MIMMA)

Calle Beatas, 15.

Tel: 952-210-440



Monday: 10:00 to 14:00.

Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 to 14:00, and 16:00 to 20:00 H.

The Interactive Museum of Music is a little known museum in Malaga. However it merits attention because it is a very interesting museum, and it will please people of all ages, but is fascinating for young people because it is interactive.

The museum holds a collection of about 400 musical instruments, from many different countries, and from many different ages. The owner of this very large musical instrument collection is Miguel Angel Piedrola Orta. He has more than 1000 instruments in his collection, but only about 400 are displayed in this museum for lack of space. His collection is one of the largest in Europe.

Music has been around since prehistoric times and music was used to display to others what one felt, what one's mood was. It was used to transmit feelings, moods, and ideas to others. Music was used to communicate with others.

There are many displays that have a red triangle on them and this indicates that the display is interactive. Many show musical instruments that can be touched and played. Others have videos that can be watched and feature people playing the wide variety of musical instruments. One interesting display features flamenco and the music of Andalusia. An interesting explanation is that of classical music, how it started in Europe. The German composers such as Beethoven were the first to play it. Later other European countries had their composers create music that was representative of their own countries, such as Falla composed music for the Spanish.

The museum is now located at the Palacio de los Condes de las Navas at Calle Beatas, 15.