Episcopal Palace


The Episcopal Palace is located at the Plaza del Obispo, 6, and is opposite the main entrance to the Cathedral. The first palace was built between 1500 and 1525 on the orders of Bishop Diego Ramirez de Villanueva de Haro. In 1541 it was enlarged on the orders of Bishop Bernardo Manrique. In 1558 Diego de Vergara constructed the patio. Another construction came in 1762 to enlarge the palace, on the orders of Bishop Jose Franquis Lasso de Castilla, and Antonio Ramos was in charge of the construction. When Antonio Ramos died, the architect Jose Martin de Aldehuela took charge of the construction. The façade has a Baroque design and has marble with the colors of pink, white, and grey. The façade is like a retable, decorated with Doric columns and on the third floor there is a niche which has the alabaster sculpture of the Virgen de las Angustias, created by Manuel Agustin Valero. There is an inner private garden that has beautiful tile work, and this is opened only on special occasions. The building has a museum that is used for different art exhibitions, which are free.