Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10 to 14h. Closed: Sundays, Mondays, holidays, and from Dec. 22-Jan. 7. 

Entrance is free. Non-flash photography is allowed. 

Ralli Museum

Address: Urb. Coral Beach (between Puerto Banús and Marbella, Ctr. Nac. 340, km 176, Marbella.

The Ralli Museum was opened in 2000 on the avenue that is between the Marbella Club Hotel and Puerto Banus. The museum is quite large and has 10 spacious showrooms. There are works of art by 20th century artists such as Salvador Dali, Alexander Calder, and Sonia Delaunay. There is also art from contemporary artists from all Latin American countries. Many of the paintings are surrealist. The museum also hosts special exhibition of contemporary artists from all over the world.    

The founder of the museum was Harry Recanati (1919-2011). He was born in Salonika, Greece. He was the son of Leon and Mathilda Recanati Saporta. The Recanati family came from Italy, while the Saporta family came from Spain. Harry started at the Israel Discount Bank in Tel Aviv, which his father Leon started in 1935. Leon died at an early age in 1945 and Harry became the general manager at the age of 26. Harry was very successful and the bank became the second largest bank in the country. His two brothers also joined the company. In 1969 Harry decided to quit the bank and purchased from his brothers two modest banks, one in Switzerland, Ralli Brothers (Bankers) SA, and the other in France, Discount Bank (France) SA. He travelled frequently to Latin America and started buying works from local artists. His collection of Latin American art became one of the largest in the world. Harry then sold his banks and created the Harry Recanati Foundation, which today administers the Ralli Museums in Marbella, Punta del Este (Uruguay), Santiago de Chile, and Caesarea (Israel). Harry’s desire was to share his art with the whole world.