Taxis are an excellent method of getting around Marbella.   Fares in Marbella are relatively inexpensive compared to standard taxi fares in other parts of the world.   Fares are standardized and rates should be on display in the taxi.   Riders should be warned that taxis in Marbella often fail to have meters and taxi drivers will sometimes use this as a means of getting more money out of tourists than the appropriate cost of the ride.   To avoid this problem, it is recommended that visitors discuss fares with taxi drivers before accepting the ride.   Visitors should know that it is standard for taxi drivers to charge extra for additional passengers (more than two), baggage, late night rides, and waiting times and that it is standard to tip taxi driver twenty percent of the fare.  

Rental cars are also an option for visitors in Marbella.  Many people choose to rent cars at the airport which hosts a number of popular rental car companies.  Driving in Marbella is reasonably easy and safe, although visitors should be aware that parking can sometimes be difficult.  Though car crimes and car accidents are not common, it is recommended that visitors obtain standard rental car insurance for maximum protection.