Ticket Purchase
The Alhambra tickets can now be purchased online from LA CAIXA at www.servicaixa.com. There is more information about ticket sales, telephone numbers, how to buy a bono turiistico (if the Alhambra tickets are sold out on the Caixa page) on www.granadainfo.com/ticketsalhambra.htm.  You can also get tickets from ATM like machines that are in some of the banks in Granada and other cities.  The machines look like a large ATM with a yellow border.  Your hotel or some one on the street can point you in the right direction.

Last Minute
If you are booking last minute reservations, and there are no online tickets available, you can usually get tickets by showing up at the ticket booth on the same day. A percentage of tickets are "reserved" for walk-up sales. There will probably be long queue and there are regular announcements re-how many tickets are left for that day. Hotels will also get tickets for you.

Time of Visit
Your general Alhambra ticket will be for a morning or afternoon visit and you can enter the Generalife and other sections of the Alhambra at any time (a.m or p.m) during the date of your ticket. Also on your ticket, you will notice a "time of visit," which refers to the window of time during which you can enter the Nasrid Palaces and  you can only enter the Nasrid Palaces during this specifc time window. Guards will not be flexible , so keep an eye on your watch because the Alhambra is magnificent and not to be missed. You can enter each of the other areas only once.  The full site takes about 4 hours to tour, plus about 30 min each way from the city center.

 How to Get There

There are two red minibuses (routes 30 and 32?) that state Alhambra on the side that run from the city center every 10-15 minutes.  Trip is about 20-30 minutes and costs 1.2 Euro / person