Parking Guide - Granada

Parking in downtown Granada can be a problem. This guide will make it easier for the visitor to find parking.  If you are just heading to visit the ALHAMBRA and want to find the most convenient parking, then it is best to head for the specific ALHAMBRA car park which is reached from the southern ring road called Ronda Sur A-395 and following the signs. If you want to plot your route on a Mapping website like Google Maps then put your final destination as - Camino Viejo del Cementerio, Granada, Spain - and this will show you the very large open car par. It costs about €8 for 4 hours stay or €18 for a full 24 hours. Enter the parking and try to find a space as near to the main entrance as possible at the far end.  You can also use this car park to tour the Alhambra and maybe visit the city using the Micro buses that pass the Alhambra main entrance or walk down to the city after the Alhambra visit and take the bus back. 

There are several large car parks dotted around the centre but a good map and study of the street Driving Directions is essential.  The use of a good Mapping tool is excellent. Google maps does the job perfectly and with pictures of the street view available, its possible to pick out landmarks and visualise the route to your car park ! 

 Here are a few Car parks. 

1. Acera de Darro (Plaza del Campillo) also called PLAZA PUERTA REAL is in the heart of Granada off the street called Acera del Darro and useful for shopping at the nearby stores. This view shows you what to look for when coming north up Acera de Darro street. (courtesy of Google Maps Street View) 

Parking Puerte Real 

2. Calle Paz  - This car park is right in the middle of the narrow streets close to Plaza Bib-rambla and the Cathedral. It is not for the timid driver ! On your Mapping tool like Google Maps type in this address to see the location:      8 Calle de la Paz, Granada 

 3. Plaza de los Campos - also known as "Garaje TREX" is at Plaza de los Campos 4 which is near Hotel Carlos V and not far from one of the best streets for Tapas !  Again this is a difficult enclosed Parking Garage offering a very central location but not for the timid map reader on a first visit to Granada ! 

4. Parking TRIUNFO - look this up at address - Avenida de la Constitucion, 5, Granada - if you use Google Street Maps you can see the entrance down a ramp on the right at this address. It is close to the Severo Ochoa carpark listed below. The illuminated notice outside shows the number of places available.  I believe that it is open 24 hours and charges around €20 per 24 hours.  here is a Google Street View picture of the entrance coming from the west heading down Avenida de la Constitucion. this car park could be good if arriving from the west down Avenida de Andalucia from the Ring Road A-44 and staying in the centre. There are actually two entrances. The GPS coordinates for the one shown below are: 37.18346°N, 3.60334°W. There is also an entrance on the other side of Avenida de la Constitución at: 37.18375°N, 3.60343°W.

  Parking Triunfo

5. Parking Severo Ochoa (Plaza Sor Cristina de la Cruz Arteago) website

This is a Google Street View picture of the turn off for the parking along Calle del Doctor Severo Ochoa street heading north from Avenida de Fuente Nueva. You can see the P parking blue sign - just. Continue past the Parking sign for a few metres passing a kiosk and the entry is on your right down a short road to the underground park. The GPS coodinates for the beginning of the short road (entrance) are: 37.18104°N, 3.60591°W.

Parking Severo Ochoa 


6. Palacio Congresos ---   South of the City centre but easily accessible from the ring road and with bus No. 3 the short distance to GRAN VIA etc, is Parking GEYSEPARK PASEO DEL VIOLON  also known as Aparcamiento Palacio de Congresos . Open 24 hours taking up to about 780 vehicles and full day charge curently (2010) €18  --- see web site for details and Google Map for directions:

7. Here are more locations :

LA CALETA (Entrances at 37.18756°N, 3.61151°W and 37.18663°N, 3.60922°W),   SAN LAZARO (37.18560°N, 3.60508°W),  PEDRO A. DE ALARCON (37.17349°N, 3.60669°W) and  SAN JUAN DE DIOS ( 37.18003°N, 3.60352°W), SAN AGUSTIN (37.17777°N, 3.59902°W), GRAN CAPITAN (37.17843°N, 3.60400°W)

8. You can see the Google Maps locations of these together with photographs of the facilities on  ESTACIONAMINETOS GRANADA S.A. web site:

 There is a good page with all the public parking places marked on a googlemap with prices on this page.