Seville is one of the upcoming gay destinations in Spain. The capital of the South, Seville has a big gay community event if it is less visible than in major gay cities like Madrid or Barcelona.  Gay Sevilla is more discreet, even though the society is quite tolerant to the gays.

Seville has a big culture of coffee and terraces. Many gay friendly or totally gay terraces are around Alameda pedestrian area. Come here and you will see many gay guys around chatting and meeting here for a coffee or a wine. One of the most popular lesbian terraces (actually the are many gays who come over here) is Noveccento in calle Julio Cesar 10.

Alameda area is not only known for the gay nightlife and gay terraces but is also a good place to stay.  Hercules Mitico gay terrace on Alameda is a good example. This gay cafe, gay bar and a kind of a club is always popular with local gays. There are many gay friendly hotels around with some are really low cost accommodation. So for any gay traveller on a budget, stick to this area.

Gay travellers are recommended to combine their stay in Torremolinos and Granada. These are the most important cities in Andalucia in the means of gay nightlife.