The Metropol Parasol is located at the Plaza de la Encarnacion and the wooden building was finished in April, 2011. This was designed by Berlin architect Jurgen Mayer and it used pine wood from Finland in its construction. The local people call it Las Setas de la Encarnacion (the mushrooms of the Encarnacion).  The dimensions of the building are 150 x 70 meters, and it has a height of 26 meters. At the bottom of the building is the Antiquarium, which contains remains of Roman and Moorish buildings. The street level has the Central Market. At the top there is an observation deck with a small entrance fee for use of the elevator. The controversy related to its construction is that the whole structure had a final price of more than 100 million euros, when its initial budget was supposed to be 51 million euros.

 Roman Antiquarium


The "mushrooms" in Seville