The Ayuntamiento (City Hall)

The Ayuntamiento building is one of the beautiful buildings in Seville and it is located between Plaza Nueva and Plaza San Francisco. The architect of this building was Diego de Riaño and it was constructed between 1527 and 1564. It is a Renaissance building and the eastern facade is Plateresque, a style that appeared only in Spain, and this can be viewed from the Plaza San Francisco. There is plenty of decoration, including medallions, historic figures, and floral ornaments. The figures are of Hercules and Caesar, the legendary founders of the city. There is another facade that faces the Plaza Nueva, and this has a Neoclassic design, which is more sober, because it was done during a renovation during the 19th century, with the architects Demetrio de los Ríos and Balbino Marrón. The building contains the city archives, which has the history of Seville since the time of the Catholic Kings. Worth visiting are the Apeadero, the Sala Capitular, Sala de los Fieles Ejecutores, the Salón Colon, and the staircase.