Italica archaelogical site just a few kms north of Seville. Massive area of excavated Roman Ruins. Italica was the birthpplace of Hadrian and Trajan. The site is still being excavated. It is very exposed, no shade, no shelter. No place to buy water. Fabulous mosaic floors have been uncovered.  A colossal ampitheater has been fully excavated- it is the second largest in the world.  A few interpretive signs in English.  Of interest only to persons interested in extensive walking around ruins. Children would be interested in the ampitheatre but nothing else. Toilets at the gatehouse. Very small shop for postacrds , but no guide books in English. Parking only  available on the main road where the main entrance is or in the small uninterseting town of Santiponce. Note that the Roman theatre in the town is closed.

Check a collection of photos from the Italica Ruins here!

Access by public transport available from PLAZA DES ARMAS bus station on the west side of Seville's old city to Santiponce / Italica on Route M-172 

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Mosaics at Italica